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Terravoz is a global, non-partisan strategy, research and software development company that creates locally based technology solutions to promote open governance, social inclusion and community empowerment.

With over 20 years of innovation in education and international development through partnerships with organizations such as the MIT Center for Civic Media, The World Bank, the City of Cambridge (Massachusetts), Our São Paulo Network, the Government of Brazil, Avina Americas, and Code for America, we can help you harness the power of mobile and web technologies to connect with hard-to-reach segments of the population and improve communication between local residents, governments and community organizations.

Leveraging a range of tools, such as text messaging campaigns; phone call surveys; postcard announcements and low-cost digital signs, we develop effective strategies for reaching people wherever they are, in their own terms, and using whatever communication channels are available to them.

Our team believes that the right combination of technology and social outreach can lead to communities that are healthier, better educated, more sustainable and more democratic. We look forward to collaborating with governments, businesses and non-profit organizations that share that vision. Contact us now!

In spite of recent developments in mobile technology, more than 4 billion people still do not have regular access to computers, smartphones or the internet. Terravoz addresses this issue by building solutions that bring information where people are, through the devices and mechanisms they already have, and in their own voices, literally.


VoIP Drupal

Terravoz helps governments, businesses and non-profit organizations design and implement technical solutions that facilitate local communication, raise awareness to pre-existing resources, and foster accountability, social inclusion and participation.

Our systems are built on VoIP Drupal, a versatile open source communication toolkit that adds the power of voice and Internet-telephony to Drupal web sites.

Developed by Terravoz in collaboration with the MIT Center for Civic Media, VoIP Drupal facilitates the creation of hybrid applications that combine regular touchtone phones, the Web, SMS, and other channels in a variety of ways, facilitating community outreach and providing an online presence even to those who are technically challenged or who do not have regular access to computers.

VoIP Drupal is actively being used in a wide range of projects including participatory budgeting programs in Mozambique, city-wide notification initiatives in Wisconsin, personal story-recording systems in Brazil, audio-neighborhood tours in Boston, phone-based radio shows empowering domestic workers in New York, and more.

Project Portfolio

Our clients include government, non-profit, and grassroots organizations, such as The World Bank, MIT’s Center for Civic Media, Studio REV-, and The National Domestic Workers Alliance.Our products have been showcased at The White House, on BBC, GOOD magazine, New York Times, conferences and universities worldwide.

Stay tuned

Terravoz will redefine the way you interact with your phone, the web, and the people around you!

Team Members

  • Leo Burd

    Founder and CEO

  • Tamer Zoubi

    Technical Lead

  • Emilie Reiser

    Program Manager

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